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  • BBC Nature Online - Useful information about the planet we live in including wild animals and human evolution. Curious facts and news. Younger kids can use some extra guidance.
  • BBC Really Wild Zone - A site for those interested in animals and the natural world around them; has wild life facts, games and competitions. Produced by the BBC Natural History Unit.
  • Backyard Jungle - People network with each other about their local environment. Enables users to explore the natural world around them and report their findings online through photos, drawings, and maps.
  • Backyard Nature - Nature study basics, with an emphasis on backyard plants and animals. Includes a section on naming and classification, list making, and "why bother with nature?"
  • Born Free Junior and Education Pages - Information on creating wildlife areas at home or school. Support for teachers with direct links to the National Curriculum, and encouragement for younger people to think about wildlife in a responsible yet fun way.
  • Charlie's Corner - Provides young children information on the environment while playing games and having fun. Maintained by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Children of the Earth United - A non-profit organization which helps young people learn about animals, plants, ecology, and nature centers. Site also provides a forum for people to share their creative ideas and knowledge of the environment.
  • Coastal Explorer - Clear explanations of erosion, deposition, and other coastal features. With photos and glossary. Includes section for teachers.
  • Crumb Stoppers HideOut - Tired of someone being crummy to you or others? Hate what people are doing to our environment? Crumb Stoppers gives you advice and tips about stopping crummy behavior.
  • Diversity - Explores the enormous variety of life on the Earth.
  • Drinking Water; Kids' Stuff - Drinking water experiments for kids and teachers, printable activities, and links.
  • E-OK Kids - New site promoting environmentally friendly activities. Includes links.
  • ECO-PROS - Ecology Protectors Society - Identifies threats to the environment and tells what people can do to make a difference. Includes related links.
  • EEK - Environmental Education for Kids - Interactive online magazine by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Designed for children in grades 4-8.
  • EHC Kid's Corner - Games, puzzles, and hands-on activities that help protect the environment. From the National Safety Council.
  • Earth and Animal Facts - An educational web site about earth ecology, plant and animal life, and wildlife.
  • Earthforce - National non-profit youth organization empowers kids to help solve local environmental problems.
  • EcoMan Online - EcoMan is an eco-friendly superhero who saves the world from the polluter, McEvil. Written in comic strip style.
  • Ecokids Online - Provides environmentally educative games, stories, a picture gallery, calendar of events, contests, and facts about Earth's environment.
  • Eddy the Eco-Dog - Features interactive entertainment and education with games, puzzles, jokes, and cartoons designed to help kids discover cool things about nature, science and ecology.
  • EduGreen - From air pollution to energy, learn more about the world in which you live through games, poems, stories, and ask-an-expert.
  • Educational in Nature - Fun activities and extras exploring nature and the environment.
  • Elements - Multilingual environmental magazine with activities and interactive games.
  • Elsa The Envirophant - Learn about the environment from Elsa. Includes coloring pages, newsletter, fan club, and banner exchange.
  • Energy Story - Detailed guide explains what energy is and where it comes from.
  • Envirofun - Captain Earthworm, Captain Redbird, and Captain Bluegill present information about recycling, pollution, and tips for keeping the environment healthy. Includes activities.
  • Environmental Literacy Council - Looks at a variety of issues related to the environment, including topics such as air, food, energy, water, population, and waste.
  • Environmental Science - Offers environmental news, issues, quizzes, facts, and links in a kid-friendly setting. Also provides information for parents and teachers.
  • Expeditions in Conservation - Travel alongside World Wildlife Fund scientists as they journey into remote and exotic locales to learn more about the most precious and varied ecosystems.
  • Explorers Club - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's site for kids. Lots of fun and interesting things to read and do to learn about the environment.
  • Exploring the Environment - More than a dozen interactive studies related to the environment. For middle and high school students. Includes teacher guides for classroom use.
  • Fort Worth Environmental Management: The Kids Page - Fun activities, information and links.
  • GF Awesome - Maurice the Mountain Goat and Lisa the Lynx introduce kids to the fascinating world of trees. Visitors can explore tree biology and conservation, as well as track the impact of trees on weather.
  • Global Response - Young Environmentalist's Actions for Kids - Tells kids what they can to do protect the environment.
  • GreenScreen - The Global Habitat Project - Environmental education by kids for kids.
  • It Takes All Kinds to Make a World - From the American Museum of Natural History, a definition of biodiversity, virtual tours of biodiversity in different locations, tips for helping biodiversity, and a reading list.
  • Kids R Green - From the Center for Environmental Education (CEE), kRg offers educational activities and games about many aspects of the environment. Also offers crafts and a theme of the month.
  • Kids for Saving Earth - Preschoolers through teenagers will find great ways they can help take care of the earth.
  • Kid Magnet - Children's Internet directory and more...
  • Live Nature Sounds - Live sounds of nature broadcasted 24 hours a day from Idyllwild, California.
  • Living Edens - Learn about this wildlife sanctuaries all over the work, including information on the animals.
  • Miss Maggie's Earth Adventures - Every 8 weeks, Maggie is sent on a "Mission Impossible" style adventure that teaches kids about the environment. Each mission features an 8-minute cartoon with music, games, gadgets, and factual content. Requires Flash plug-in.
  • NIEHS Kids Pages - Features environmental games, science, puzzles, and research information.
  • National Wildlife Federation For Kids - Play games, go on a virtual tour and meet Ranger Rick in this fun website.
  • Natural Resources Kids' Page - For kids interested in the environment, and in having fun. Includes games and features about salmon and wildlife, hazardous substances, recycling, and choosing recycled products.
  • Nature Challenge for Kids - Ten ways that kids can protect nature. Also features challenge activities kids can do at home, as well as subject links.
  • Nature Walk - Discover the nature in different ecosystems with World Book Cyber Camp.
  • Paper University - Information and activities for students and teachers on papermaking, recycling, forestry, trees, paper crafts, careers, and the environment.
  • Planetpals Earthzone - A children's interactive web site about the environment, with card games, a free recycle kit to print, coloring book, and lots of interesting facts.
  • Rare Species Conservatory - Just For Kids - A site where kids can learn about the amazing diversity of nature and find educational games, puzzles, projects and downloads.
  • Restoring Earth - A student's personal site designed to teach its visitors about the science behind the earth. Includes environmental science, biology, Christianity, interactive quiz, and author bio.
  • Saving Our Environment - Provides young people with a forum for exchanging idea on protecting the environment.
  • The Environment - Looks at the need to protect the environment as well as the challenges involved. Focuses on the importance of preserving history, conserving natural resources for future use, and developing earth-friendly habits.
  • The Headbone Derby - Ecology Strikes Back - Help Iz and Auggie solve a series of ecological problems happening on Planet Small by finding similar, real-life examples on Earth.
  • The Water Cycle - A clear and simple explanation with lots of activities and fun facts.
  • Tiki the Penguin - Tiki looks at the mess people have made of our planet. He suggests how kids can help make things better for all of us.
  • WOW - Wild Over Waterways - Interactive games based on the waterways. Includes links and school pages. Some portions require free registration.
  • Water Science for Schools - Information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can give opinions and test your water knowledge.
  • Wetlands - Includes definitions, types, habitat, benefits, literature, locations, careers, and ideas about how to save wetlands.
  • Young People's Trust for the Environment - Information written for young people and teachers on environmental issues.
  • Zoom - Encourages children all over Europe to use earthy-friendly methods of getting to school -- bikes, skateboards and scooters -- and to explore the role modern transport plays in climate change.